“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

-Albert Einstein


It’s good to be realistic, but that’s the common path, no thrill, no excitement. We are gamers “Born to play, live to win” and what fun will it be for us to walk the same road. Different backgrounds but a common passion for gaming united a team of gamers who believe that gaming can be more than a passion. Yes, it can be a profession. Zephyr India is an India focused eSports gaming community with a goal to unite every Indian gamer under one roof. We fill them with gaming knowledge and metal up their skills with more than just motivation. We will give them a platform where their talent will be recognized and appreciated. So join us on this beautiful gaming journey where the console is in your hands.


To increase the popularity of pro-gaming to that extend where joining eSports will be a dream to achieve and book spots in the eSports hall of fame just like cricket, tennis or any other sport in India.


To be able to create international teams from India, who will one day represent our nation in the International eSports Championships.

Member: Paritosh Mishra

Position: CEO

The Mastermind

He is a visionary and is the person responsible for building Zephyr India he has a vision to make India a powerful contender in ESL. Known as human wiki of strategy games, he is a dedicated MMORPG gamer and loves constantly researching any and all possible ways to make gameplay better.

Member: Pritom Dihingia

Position: COO

The Dauntless Executer

An engineer by education, digital marketer by profession, but a true gamer by passion & dedication. Revered as a meticulous strategist by his teammates he has over 1500 wins in LOL, he is still a fierce and die hard league of legends player, CS1.6 and dotA being his earlier expertise. With his strong and fearless personality, he is very keen to win both in and off game.

Member: Subhasis Mishra

Position: CFO

The Man with the Briefcase

When he is not working on creating balance sheets and filing taxes he turns into a resolute gamer, he has played and finished over a 1000 games of different genres. Skyrim, Max Payne, Farcry, LOL and CS are some of his favorites.

Member: Satyajit Pattnaik

Position: Director Corporate Relations

The Smooth Talker

He was the initial founder of the organization. He founded Zephyr in mid 2012. His passion includes playing computer games, and has vivid interest in Snooker and Table tennis. Reach out to him for any concerns/queries and he won't hesitate to help you on it.

Member: Dhananjaya Bhuyan

Position: Director HR & Research

The Punch Liner

He may seem to be a silent guy but you must beware of his killer punch lines. He has a simple ideology that action speaks more than words and he is fearlessly driven to make Zephyr India a recognized entity in the eSports arena. He is a passionate DOTA and CS gamer.

Member: Sambit Mohanty

Director Social Marketing & Brand Communication

The Social Junkie

He is the youngest member of Team Zephyr but often comes out with the biggest ideas. A CS engineer, a visionary and in his free time he likes to strategize. He plays games from all genre, but CS:GO is his Bae.

Member:Pratyush Pritimay

R & D Head

The Think-Tank

An FPS and strategic gamer, passionate towards his job known for in-game leader in more than 2000 matches of CS 1.6. He has already successfully organised many tournaments for different games like Counter Strike < 1.6, NFS , FIFA and Dota-2 in his student career. Now looking forward to achieve his dream of making e- sports as a recognisable sports in this country.