Dota 2 Demo

In every game you play there must be some epic moments which you want to record and showcase. Luckily Source Film Maker (SFM) provides the set of tools in order to record or edit your replays. Here is a detail guide to help you make your own Dota 2 movie.

First of all to use Dota 2 console commands you have to enable the console using Steam’s launch options as this can’t actually be done from in-game.

  • Open Steam. Right click on the game Dota 2 in your library.
  • Select properties. Click on set launch options. Type –console and click on OK.
  • When you open Dota 2, you should be seeing the console window in addition to the normal display.

Replay Recording & Editing

Open Dota 2, download your replay:

  1. Go to the Watch tab, then find the replay you just downloaded under the downloads tab, rename it to something you will remember easily. [DO NOT USE SPACES!]
  2. Go to: Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota\replays, find the .dem file that you renamed in step 1, copy it.
  3. Place the copy of the replay (demo) inside of the following path: Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota. Then close Dota 2.
  4. Launch Dota 2: Reborn Beta Tools, navigate to the Source Filmmaker.
  5. Create a new session / project, then right click the viewport and select "Set Map", selecting the Dota 2 map. Let it load, then save.
  6. Select the Dota 2 task in your start bar and go to the options.
  7. Set video resolution to 1280x720, windowed // This helps make the replay easier to work with, and allows you to see more of the screen.
  8. Open the console (Tilde key ~/`) inside of the game client.
  9. Open the console (Tilde key ~/`) inside of the game client.
  10. Once you have successfully loaded into the demo, in the console inside of the game client type: bind “Key” “demo_togglepause” (Replace the word Key with the button you'd like to use to pause your demo when you are in between recordings). Close the console. NOTE: If your bind doesn't work, just type "demo_pause" or "demo_togglepause" (without the quotes of course) in the console inside of the client, when you need to pause in game.
  11. Find the spot in the demo that you want to record.
  12. Go back to the SFM, click record, then record the action. When you've recorded the clip that you want, press the key we bound to pause the demo/replay in Step 10.
  13. Return to the SFM and press ESC. You now have a clip recorded from a replay that you can use all the power (nearly, seeing as how the SFM Reborn still needs some love) of the SFM on.

Hiding UI

To record a clean movie you need to hide UI (all bars, HUD, mini map, mouse pointer, etc) while playing the replay. Here is a list of console commands which you need to type in the console.

Hide Command:

  • dota_econ_forceitemtesting 0;
  • dota_sf_hud_stats_dropdown 0;
  • dota_sf_hud_actionpanel 0;
  • dota_sf_hud_channelbar 0;
  • dota_sf_hud_inventory 0;
  • dota_sf_hud_top 0;
  • dota_no_minimap 1;
  • dota_render_crop_height 0;
  • dota_render_y_inset 0;
  • cl_drawhud 0;

Restore Command:

  • dota_econ_forceitemtesting 1;
  • dota_sf_hud_stats_dropdown 1;
  • dota_sf_hud_actionpanel 1;
  • dota_sf_hud_channelbar 1;
  • dota_sf_hud_inventory 1;
  • dota_sf_hud_top 1;
  • dota_no_minimap 0;
  • dota_render_crop_height 1;
  • dota_render_y_inset 1;
  • cl_drawhud 1;

If you want your awesome plays to get featured in our official “Ultimate Plays” videos, then submit your replays (.dem file) and we will definitely provide you the opportunity to get recognized among the gaming community. Help us to help you. Thank You.